The Director's LomoKino Showreel: Experimental (Extended!)

2012-06-30 18

Aspiring to be the next cinematic phenomenon? This might be your best chance at it! Better get that screenplay done and have your LomoKino camera ready and start making your visions into reality!

Credits: zaruki_zanogi

This is for everyone out there who is dreaming to be the next big thing in analogue cinema! We are calling for submissions that will dazzle us with the most interesting storyline that goes well with the Lomographic style and philosophies – a one of a kind Lomokino Movie! Each month we will throw in a certain theme wherein the director (you!) will try his best to articulate and work the movie within the given motif!

Now, let’s have something to begin with, we are on the hunt for that surreal, avant-garde, and the Experimental! So anything you can think of that has got to do with this subject, get it done and submit it here – sooner the best!


  • The winner will get 50 piggies and 2 runner-uppers will be given 20 piggies each, complete with badges!
  • Film/Camera Type: Movies done only with LomoKino camera. Please keep in mind of our ‘Experimental’ theme.
  • Submissions must be linked in the comments feed, below.

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  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    is there a maximum of submission?

  2. fookshit
    fookshit ·

    @mephisto19 none, really. if you can submit more than one movie, that would be cool!

  3. edley
    edley ·

    Okay. I hope this counts as experimental; it was the first movie I shot with my LomoKino.…

  4. triky76
  5. artiach
    artiach ·

    Great motivation... lest get to it! :o)

  6. rancliffhasenza
    rancliffhasenza ·

    Here's my experimental masterpiece :) It's my band "Old Gypsy Man's Hat" performing our song "Tobacco". Enjoy the music video!…

  7. kostas
  8. jael
    jael ·

    I used sunglasses for a vintage filter effect :P

  9. tanjaladen
    tanjaladen ·

    Presented by the National Ballet of Canada in Toronto, "The Tutu Project" features "60 Tutus for 60 Years." Here are just a few on display, captured with my LomoKino.

  10. simonesavo
  11. mgferrer
    mgferrer ·

    here's my experiment with my analog time lapse...… - don't think it classifies as avant garde tho!

  12. elenakulikova
  13. guicho-nunez
  14. mok
  15. valeriopost
  16. jimmyhido
    jimmyhido ·…
    This is an experimental form of shooting.

  17. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    this is my particular vision at "experimental"

  18. palkina

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