The I Love You Wall


Je t’aime, I love you, Ti voglio benete, Eu amo-te, Jeg elsker dig, Wo ai ni, Te quiero…

Credits: sye

Every tourist goes to Montmartre when they are in Paris, but many don’t know anything about the “I Love You” wall. They walk around it, but don’t really get to see it. When you come to the City of Lights, you should wander and lose yourself at Montmartre, and make sure to visit the Abesses Square…

Credits: sye

…with its metro spiral stairs that start in the entrance.

Credits: sye

But before you enter the Metro, look at the park behind you, open the little gate and get you camera ready.

Credits: sye

311 declarations of love in 311 different languages. From Mandarin to German, Persian to Portuguese…the wall of “I love Yous”…

You can find more information here: Les je t'aime.

written by sye on 2012-07-04 #places #location #urban-adventures
translated by joaomiguelsantoscunha

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