I Do's or June Weddings: A Little History


June is the season for weddings, but do you know why?

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The month of June is one of the most popular months for couples to take the plunge into matrimony, but why does everybody fight for dates in just one month?

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The idea is heavily speculated, but some traditions go back to Roman times. June is named after the Roman goddess Juno. She had festivals throughout the month of June in her honor. This granted favor on marriages and childbirth. Celtic cultures of Northern Europe also favored unions in June. It is believed most of the Honeymoon pregnancies would result in springtime babies, who had better chances to survive in the warmer months before the following winter. The word Honeymoon itself is supposed to be a Celtic tradition referring to the first moon after the Summer Solstice which occurs in June.

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A more modern push for June weddings comes from a 1948 film titled “June Bride” with Betty Davis, reinforced the romantic ideals of marriage on the big screen. A musical, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers had a song that was titled “June Bride.” And most people have seen how busy the characters of 27 Dresses or Wedding Crashers were in the month of June.

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A few more tidbits that may be fact or accepted fiction about June weddings:

-The month of May was the Roman month of the dead and reverence. It was unlucky to marry then. After death comes rebirth in many cultures.

- May was also the month when medieval people took their yearly bath (Yuck!). So in June, people still smelled rather good and fresh flowers could mask any lingering smells. I am not so sure that this is true as that is a long time to go without washing yourself.

-There is even an old proverb “Marry in May; Rue the day”

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