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Hello-wello’ every one, LomoAmigos, Newcomers, my name is Firdaus Ghazali (maduz). I used to write a lot, but I stopped writing for a while since last year, as I have to concentrate more on my studies since last semester. Now everything is under control and I’m keen to write more.

I have been a Lomographer for the past three and a half years. And I used to love taking pictures with DSLRs before this, but when my friend introduced me to Lomography, I started to fall in love (all over again) and get involved with almost everything regarding the community.

I am just a normal guy who goes to classes almost every day. Sometimes on weekends, I get a call from colleagues who need some extra helping hands to be their crew or photographer for weddings, events and etc. I have been involved actively in this industry for the past four years. I get a lot of wonderful moments and knowledge. As the Sarawak City Slickers, I will try my heart out to show you the uniqueness of my beautiful and historical city.

One of my all-time favorite spots in Kuching is the Waterfront Kuching and Kenyalang Park. The old buildings and shops remind travelers of how Kuching looked during the olden days. When you cross the road from Waterfront Kuching to the India Street, there you will meet lots and lots of Indians merchants selling textiles, curries, and more. Plus, we have our favorite photo lab situated there at the side walk of India Street named Apollo Digital Color Lab; the best photo lab in town of course. If you love sunseta, you can go to Pengkalan Sapi, Damai or Santubong Beach, or even at the Waterfront Kuching itself.

I believe I mentioned sunsets just now, these are some snaps that I have taken of sunsets at Pengkalan Sapi and Waterfront Kuching.

Not satisfied with the sun sets? Let us try looking at Kuching City at night with all the colorful lights. Some say Kuching City lives more through the night rather than during the day.

The Land of Hornbill and The Cat City are both historical and must place to be visited. It is impossible for me to tell you one by one about how wonderful Kuching is in just one article, plus you cannot compare this city and that city. Each and every city has their ‘niche’. They have their own way to attract people to their cities. I am just giving you the ditsy bitsy of my beloved city. There is a saying in our Malay culture, “If you do not know, then you will not fall in love.”

Here are some of my favorite shots!

Let’s discover more about my city on my next post!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    great! go maduz go!! :D

  2. maduz
    maduz ·

    Thank you @adi_totp

  3. adzfar
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    Congrats bro :D

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