Today in History: The LOMO LC-A is Born (1984)

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On this day, 28 years ago, the first batch of the LOMO LC-A camera finally went into mass production. Join us as we take a trip down the memory lane and greet our beloved analogue beauty a happy birthday in this installment of Today in History.

On June 19, 1984, the Lomo Kompakt Automat, fondly known across the globe until today as the LOMO LC-A, went into mass production. The first working model/prototype of the camera was completed two years earlier, fashioned similarly after the Japanese compact camera named Cosina CX-1.

Photo via Lomo LC-A+ Microsite

At the first leg of the production, only 1110 units were produced per month, which were sold exclusively for the Russian market. There were around 1200 people who worked solely on the prized camera, 500 of them tasked with the assembly.

Soon, however, production amped as the Lomo LC-A found a following, and a place in the hearts and pockets of Russian snapshooters. The compact shooter was eventually shipped to Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and even Cuba.

Photo via Lomo LC-A+ Microsite

Fast-forward to May 1991 in Prague, a group of students from Vienna made an important discovery: the LOMO LC-A itself. Around this time, the camera’s days were numbered, as it was already out of production, with a few units taking up residence in old-school camera shops. The students gave their new-found analogue shooter a go, and a few rolls later, they were hooked. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, fellow lomographers and ardent LC-A fans, gather around and let us greet our favorite Lomography camera a happy birthday, and toast to its 28 years of Lomographic wonder!

All information for this article were taken from the Lomo LC-A+ Microsite.

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