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Hello Lomographers, my name is Ewen. I was born in February, and I’m a total Aquarius lady. I started my Lomographic journey about 2 years ago, which is still considered a short period of time, however Lomography has changed my life completely. It widened my social circle and I got to know a lot of awesome local Lomographers.

And about my job as an Event Organizer, it sounds interesting to organize various events and meet a lot different kind of people, but somehow the job is not perfect as you might have thought it would be. But, it’s not that bad either. I read a book by Jennifer Su, which is all about Lomography and there is one statement which left a deep impression on me saying, “I worked which I have to do and not because of interest so I love to bring my cameras to shoot around during the weekend, because I’m not only capturing a picture, but is to also releases my tension.” It’s exactly how i feel about it.

We love Penang.

Okay, so what is the attraction of Penang Island? There are so many of them! Food is one of the attractions without a doubt, like Laksa, Chay Koay Teow (fried noodles), Rojak (Malaysian style mixed fruit salad), Oyster Omelet and Cendol. Awww it make me drool just thinking about it now. :)

One of the cafe at Straits Quay

There are few spots that I love so much and highly recommend to all of you. The first one, Straits Quay! It’s Penang’s latest F&B hotspot. The ambiance is very nice and I love to hang with my group of friends almost every weekend, enjoying the beer while listening to live bands and lovely fall breezes. Great!

Old street

Armenian street is one of my favorite streets in Georgetown, and to be honest that was my first time visiting the Armenian street which is 2 years ago together with my Lomo buddies. I fell in love with that street at first sight, and it continues to impress and surprise me every time I pay it another visit. The newest mural art at Armenian street by Ernest Zacharevic is another nice piece of art, 2D mural art and a 3D real bicycle, how creative!!!

Credits: ewen

Trust me, you will love Penang island once you discover more about this beautiful city.

written by ewen on 2012-06-26 #lifestyle #malaysia #penang #lomography #ewen #city-slicker

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