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2012-06-21 3

Tray learns about skateboarding…for the very first time. Learn about the history of skateboarding and check out some awesome pictures after the jump!

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Until a couple of weeks ago, the only things I knew about skateboarding were that people like to do it, that I cannot do it whatsoever, and that sometimes the skaters have longish hair. Embarrassing, I know. So I asked my friend Greg, who used to skateboard a lot, where to begin. He told me a bit about the mechanics of the board itself, and a bit about the history of the sport/activity/way of life

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“History!” I thought, “that’s interesting. I want to know more about that.” So I went down to the oldest skate shop in Los Angeles, LA Skate, to talk to Dave, the owner.

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Skateboarding, as a movement, started during the 1960s. Kids would take apart one of their roller skates and drill one set of wheels to the front of a wooden crate, one set to the back, and stand in the box to skate around. Fun!

Eventually, the sides would splinter off and they’d be left with a wooden board on a skates, and thus: skateboarding was born. Throughout the years, skateboards evolved in terms of board shape, hardware, and wheel material to improve technique. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

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I met a couple of really nice dudes at LA Skate: Charles LaBonge and Mario Correa. Mario was telling me about Go Skateboarding Day, and pointed out that it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, where you come from, or even who you are – when you’re skateboarding, you’re a part of a community. It’s all about skating and having fun. Charles’s dad, an LA City Councilman, worked to put a safe skate park in his district, providing support for the skateboarding community.

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Kinda like the Lomography community! Cool.

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Greg described the sound of skateboarding on concrete: “It’s unmistakable. …Skateboards on concrete sound beautiful. Like gravel upturning. A low, mean, concrete hum.”

Reminded me of the unmistakable, soft sound of the Diana shutter firing.

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