Meet The Guvnor!

2012-06-20 3

Alright mate? Lookin’ for a camera? I’ve got something special for you out the back … Meet The Guvnor, the newest and toughest addition to the La Sardina family. In a summer where the world will be celebrating London, the Guvnor will be celebrating the London Lomography community. Trust us, you want to be in his gang…

The Guvnor Is Here!

With its amazing art, fantastic parties, and effortless style, London is a very inspiring place for Lomographers. To honour this, Lomography proudly presents "La Sardina & Flash “The Guvnor”== Edition==": – a 35mm point-and-shoot camera with a fantastic wide lens and a cool sardine can design.

Boasting an illustrated map of London and the Union Jack flag’s colour palette, the "La Sardina & Flash “The Guvnor”== Edition==": makes a great camera to bring to special events. Not only is it charming, it’s pretty convenient as well! The camera has been specially designed to honour London’s bustling Lomography community and the creative influence London brings to analogue lovers!

Watch a special video starring the La Sardina “The Guvnor”:

London Loves Lomography

To make London summer even more memorable than ever, the Museum of London will be launching a LomoWall exhibition. So come and join the celebration of analogue love in London!

So ladles and gentlespoons, roll up roll up and get your Guvnor!

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  1. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    love the video!!!

  2. andrus_n
    andrus_n ·

    Love the video - really funny. Well done.

  3. mensa
    mensa ·

    why do I always have to run?! hahaha so true

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