The Magical Buddha Eden Garden

2012-06-26 3

Like in a fairytale, you can see huge giants right in front of your eyes. There are hundreds of them in a big green outdoor space, combining tourism with harmony. Take a look after the jump! Welcome to this land of giants…and don’t be afraid!

Buddha Eden Garden is a huge area with about 35ha (that’s about 35 football fields, more or less) situated near a calm city named Bombarral in Portugal. It was idealized and conceived by this Portuguese millionaire who is actually a culture and art lover. Following his nature of loving art and culture, the creation of this garden was a response to the destruction of Bamyan Giant Buddhas.

The admission’s free for this marvelous garden, which is open to all national and international communities with the intent of being a place of reconciliation. It has no religious tendency and everyone is welcome there, all religions and sexes to find themselves in a meditation surrounding or just in a great outdoor museum.

As I said before, this area is very intense and you’ll have to choose your path. You don’t have a defined circuit, you choose yours as you wish. In between, you’ll discover different Buddha statues, some 2 meters tall, others 15 meters tall. It’s that great! They’re there, minding their own business in the middle of nature, waiting for you to adore them. You have stone roads, trails in the middle of a bunch of trees, and a big green hill. In that hill you can rest and breed that calm ambiance while you stare to the peaceful lake.

After you’re done with your path, you can buy a bottle of very good red wine made with grapes grown nearby, which will guarantee that the harmony found in the garden will continue at home.

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