My First Experience with a Diana F+ Camera

2012-06-28 1

Last month, a beautiful Diana F+ became the companion of my Holga camera! This is a short review with my impressions on what this dreamy medium format toy is capable of! Read on to find out!

Summertime — I love to stay in the parks, in the grass, in company of other people. This time, I took with me my new Diana F+ camera together with a Kodak Porta 160 VC film roll. I love the Simplon Park in Milan; it’s a beautiful place to take photos, to visit art expositions, and to meet and know new friends every time!

This is a funny camera, and many people you meet tend to ask to you about this object!

Credits: natalieerachel & dictaphone

I love these funny shots, great to present this wonderful camera! And also I love the camera (simple, light, easy to carry everywhere!). So, after leaving my town to reach the Lomography Gallery Store in Milan (to buy some film rolls), I made some steps toward my preferred patch of greenery, the Simplon Park. Outside there is a beautiful castle, the “Castello Sforzesco.”

As you can see in these photos, the lens “suffer” the backlight conditions, but this is a “dreamy effect”, a little pleasant surprise (if I want sharp and perfect images I use my Praktica or Zorki cameras)! The possibility of changing between various aperture settings allows to avoid underexposed images, and the “zone focusing” system is great even for a beginner.

I love the pastel dreamy tones of the lens, very different from those that I can obtain from my Holga cameras (the Diana lens is more uniform in the “flou” effect, while the Holga lens is very sharp at the center of the image). The pastel tones of the Diana lens are unique!

All these photos were taken in the park of the Triennale Palace, a place for expositions of modern arts. The men swimming in the fountain are a creation of the Italian surrealist artist De Chirico.

This is a detail of a sounding sculpture, a tribute to Italian art critic and philosopher Gillo Dorfles.

A great camera for great surreal effects…but take care when you remove the 120 film roll from the camera; if the film is not well wrapped you can destroy some shots (see the severe light leaks in the last photo)!

The rolls was developed and scanned by the excellent Lomolab service! Enjoy your Diana F+ camera!

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our Online Shop.

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  1. christopherjohnsmith
    christopherjohnsmith ·

    Wow, how did the backing paper printing get on the last shot? Interesting . . . if only you could do it intentionally . . .

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