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Raoni Marqs, is one of those active people, who like to do things. With a wide cultural background, it is difficult to define him in a few words. Among the many activities that he does, one of the most outstanding are his illustrations, because as he says, “I don’t have a day where I don’t grab my notebook and draw.” Check out Raoni Marq’s illustrations and photographs taken with Lomography Fisheye No2 camera!

To start, tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do? What are your interests, etc..

My name is Raoni, I have a degree in cinema, I like to listen a lot of music, play videogames more than I should, I have lots of notebooks, pens and also love hamburgers. I am a writer and illustrator, I’ve been a columnist and TV series critic, storyboard illustrator and puppet handler.

How did your relationship with art and illustration begin?

Well, I have been drawing since an early age and never stopped. Don’t have a day where I didn’t get a notebook and draw something.

I think my business is not only drawing, but I have a strong need to put everything that comes to my mind on paper. Wanting to shape everything you can imagine can give you work for the rest of your life.

And speaking more about your work. Where do you get the inspiration for your drawings?

Inspiration comes from anywhere, actually. Movies and games and every dumb thing I imagine during the day. Lately I’ve been thinking about doing things that I have not done. So the guy on the bike or the giant milk-box in Tokio, are form this universe that I’ve never attempted. I still have a lot to learn from designs that I see out there- any illustration with a strong aesthetic feature ends up calling my attention, makes me want to try using those techniques, those colors.

And what about photography? Have you ever tried to take pictures with analogue cameras or this was your first experience?

My wife gave me a Supersampler once, so I knew the two major limitations of Lomography which are: not knowing what you’re photographing, and always needing the ideal situation to take the picture – always plenty of sunshine, never indoors and that kind of thing…

But when you change the camera it is always a different experience, I had to learn many new things. The Fisheye No2, for example, has a series of functions that Supersampler could never dream of having – it has a flash, long and double exposures settings – these things create a lot of absurd possibilities when you think about what you can shoot.

Do you liked the idea of shooting with the Fisheye No2 camera and later creating illustrations in each photo?

I had the idea not so much because I thought it would get better, but because it was much easier – I would take a lot longer time photographing things that are really interesting. So it was much faster and practical shooting scenarios here in São Paulo and putting an extraordinary detail in the middle of the buildings we already see every day.

In this GIF you can see the creation process of this series of images!

What it’s your favorite photo and why?

I think it’s the one with the Death Star in the sky – because this is the view I have from my window when I’m drawing. So now when I look at a glance I think she’ll be there.

If your photos shown here could have a soundtrack of three songs, which they would be?

“Só Mais uma Noite” – Emicida; from the Album Emicidio, 2010
“Nectarine” – Twin Sister; Vampires With Dreaming Kids, 2008
“Making Time” – The Creation; We Are Paintermen, 1967

These are songs that I hear when I’m walking in the streets – I hear lots of music walking in the city.

Which photographers and artists you admire?

I like photographers who can make anything dumb look incredible, like Eudes de Santana, who takes some stunning pictures of trees on the sidewalk and girls climbing webs, or Terry Richardson who is photographing famous people with flash and white background – all the pictures have one thing implied, that intimacy, just one person captured from near and nothing else.

I think that’s what I like in the Lomographs – all the photos make the landscape or that situation with a feeling that is present even when there is no big deal.

Now, the rest I like creative artists who make things minimalistic and colorful – like the characters of Andrew Kolb and Dan Hipp and the landscapes of Chris Turnham and Kevin Dart. And of Japanese comics, I’m a declared fan of Eiichiro Oda, Takehiko Inoue, Yukito Kishiro and Hiroaki Samura.

To finish, do you want to leave a message for the Lomography community?

Keep shooting. Takes some work, but always worth it.

If you want to know more about the work of Raoni Marqs take a look at his tumblr and to see more photos go to his LomoHome.

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