China with the Fisheye 2

2012-06-26 3

What happened when I went on my first trip to China with a newly-bought Fisheye2? Here’s a short read on my adventure with my dearest “Giggle”, from a cultural centre to shopping mall. My first vacation with an analogue camera.

Credits: miiksy

Without knowing how the outcome will be and with fingers crossed, I brought my newly-bought Fisheye2 with me all the way to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China. This is my second analogue camera after my Diana Mini. To be honest, I still have trouble using my Diana Mini, so I was really nervous waiting for the outcome of my films.

I was in China for about six days and always had “Giggle” with me. “Giggle” is her name, by the way. Because everyone giggles whenever they see her. I am very satisfied with the outcome and I think I love her more than my Diana Mini now…

As I never brought any analogue camera overseas before, I was scared if my camera won’t even pass the security or the fact that the x-ray machine might affect the films in my luggage. But I guess it didn’t so I’m definitely looking forward to my next trip with my Giggle!

Photos taken in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is definitely a nice place to visit. Not only to shop, but taking pictures. The people are very friendly and you can easily ask permission from them to make them as your subject. Like when I was at the shopping street, I asked the Chinese Muslim man if I could take his picture and he happily posed for me. And that was my first time asking a stranger to pose for my camera! I felt great and I have more confidence now asking anyone to pose for my Giggle.

Photos taken in Shenzhen

The photos from this trip are probably the best shots I’ve taken and by far, my most favorite of all!

Fisheye No. 2 has a 170-degree wide angle view and stunning barrel distortion. Now with a hotshoe and multiple and long exposure capabilities, the world’s greatest compact Fisheye camera is now more amazing than you ever thought possible! Available in different colours and special designs.

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    great photos and article! i just got back from china on sunday and getting my photos back tonight. i was in a shenzhen for less than 24 hours and didn't get to see the eiffel tower?! didn't know they had one there.
    also, i visited that shopping area in guangzhou - very cool spot and awesome city!

  2. miiksy
    miiksy ·

    @jeffr we went to windows of the world, there's where you can find Eiffel tower and all the world's famous landmark! :-D i would love to go to china again soon, although it's quite frustrating because of no facebook+twitter usage allowed there.

  3. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    awesome! agreed about the facebook/twitter thing. tho it still works in hong kong and taiwan. hong kong is amazing! wish i got to stay there longer

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