The Countdown to the LomoKino Premiere 2012


Lomography Spain proudly presents the LomoKino Premiere 2012. In only 4 days you can be part of the Lomographic event of the year. Read on and find out more…

The final countdown for the LomoKino Premiere has begun. The mythical Palafox Theater in Madrid will open its doors on June 21st to hold the Lomographic event of year. Lomography will throw a red carpet to welcome friends, amateur movie makers and eight renown professionals that will be part of the Big Night of the Lomography Cinema.
While we’re getting ready we’d like to share with you the making-of of the LomoKino shortfilms shot by the professionals directors featuring next Thursday. Enjoy!

LomoAmigo & Lomokino director: Stefano Caprile & Alejandra Cano

Making of: “Everything That Moves Is Moved By Others” by Stefano Caprile & Alejandra Cano.

LomoAmigo & Lomokino director: José Javier Pérez Prieto

“LomoKino Experiments” by José javier Pérez Prieto.

LomoAmigo & Lomokino director: Jorge Dorado

Making of: “Simon” by Jorge Dorado

LomoAmigo & Lomokino director: Esteban Alenda Brothers

Making of: “Inertial Love” by Estaban Alenda Brothers

LomoAmigo & Lomokino producer: Riot Cine

Making Of: “Cine o Pistola” by Riot Cinema

LomoAmigo & LomoKino producer: Marc Vigil

✘ Vimeo:<figcaption>Making of: "Mamia" by Marc Vigil</figcaption>

Want to see more? Join us next Thursday, 21st on the Palafox Theater in Madrid (Luchana 15 st) at 22:00h and be part of the Lomographic history.

Long live the analog cinema! Long live the LomoKino! Long live the LomoKino Premiere! Lomo on!

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