A Visit to My Neighboring City: Samila Beach, Songkhla

I visited Samila Beach on May 2012. It is located at Songkhla, Thailand, a city near Malaysia. It is about a 45-minute drive by from Hat Yai, Thailand. Most of the taxi or tuk-tuk drivers will fetch you from your location and bring you back.

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Once we reached the city, we got a map which showed all the hotspots at Samila Beach. It provided really good information for tourists. We had reached Samila Beach, Songkhla in Thailand. The flying flag felt like a nice welcome for us.

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We started our journey by walking towards Golden Mermaid. There are many stalls selling souvenirs and we ended up buying some fridge magnets. That day was really hot and sunny and we bought fresh coconuts to cool down. We saw some "traditional vendors" who carried their baskets on their shoulders and walked along the beach to sell their wares. This is something fresh and unique to us.

It is definitely good to travel with your camera. Why do I say so? Because it gives you a chance to observe things and the people around you, which you might neglect normally. I am enjoying capturing all these "nature" scenery.

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After a short rest, we continued to walk towards the landmark of Samila Beach - Golden Mermaid. It is made from bronze. There is a story which says that the mermaid came from the sea and a young fisherman met her while she was combing her hair with a golden comb on the beach. But his appearance frightened the mermaid and she escaped to the sea, leaving her golden comb behind. The fisherman tried to find out and waited at the beach day by day but he never saw her again.

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Okay, that day was really hot and we reached the place at noon. We had lined up and waited for our turn to capture photos with the Golden Mermaid but many other tourists did not line up and just ignored us. So, my advice to those who are planning to visit it, you have to quickly grab the chance otherwise you will be burned under the hot sun.

Credits: yokekei

We had our lunch nearby after taking photos of the Golden Mermaid. It is a small open-type restaurant beside the beach. The waitresses are really young. They always put on a sweet smile and tried their best to serve us although they can't understand English.

We left Samila Beach after lunch. I wish this article was able to introduce you to a new place, which might be one of your next destinations while visiting Thailand.

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