The Stories within Pictures #7: Lost in the Golden Island


Some people are afraid of being lost, but sometimes, to be lost is what you really need. You find the places you would never have chance or intention to visit and when you have your camera with you, it’s basically the best thing which could ever happen to you.

It was the perfect sunny afternoon when Penny got lost. There are times when you want to get lost and run away from all the problems and thoughts that are following you; and there are times when you just simply get lost without the intention to do so. Well, and for Penny, this was the situation of getting lost with all the panic of a child.

photo by erikagrendel

Penny was standing on the beach admiring the view of the sea when she realized that her friends had already taken one of the routes and were gone exploring the island.
‘Do not panic, you will find them’, she encouraged herself. ‘Ok, I bet that they took this way, Saari mentioned a kind of a view-tower.’

However, Penny was never good at guessing. She can have just one option and she will always find the way how to create more of them and choose the wrong one. This time it was no exception. The Lammasaari, the island they went exploring, had in fact several view-towers for all the birds-paparazzi-people and for all those photography enthusiasts. But sometimes, there are places you are glad and grateful to get lost in. And Penny had her Diana camera with her, so in fact she was not alone. She treated her cameras like a true friends and sometimes like babies, leaving them to sleep on the pillow during the night, loading them with the best films, sometimes even touching and patting them gently, talking about the places they were going to visit together and take photos of. Call it strange. Penny called it love for photography.

photos by erikagrendel

So she took photos and laughed silently at some birds-paparazzi-people heavy-equipped with digital cameras trying to capture the birds’ private lives. They looked at her Diana, which hung on her neck ,and considered it a joke. But she didn’t mind. She climbed up the first tower she found and buried herself in thoughts and the first memories of lovely Finland.

Photo and words by Erika Grendelova. Originally from Slovakia, Erika now lives in the Czech Republic and travels a lot to UK and Finland. Read more articles from her series here.

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