Fisheye Baby 110 Rocks Malaysia - 110 Photographic Wave is Back!


The launch of the Fisheye Baby 110 is getting a lot of attention from the media, magazines, local newspapers as well as bloggers. Let’s take a look at this new revolutionary product insights…

  1. Just like its elder brother, Baby 110 has the same effects, picture size, and the same amount of fun – but wrapped up in a smaller (pocket) size.Fooyoh
  2. Take your first baby steps with the Fisheye Baby 110 Basic (RM139) to kick off your journey.Malaysian Insider
  3. Lomography is having a baby! Aww, how cute, here comes the tiny Fisheye Baby 110.Venus Buzz
  4. Super-sized – The Fisheye Baby 110 is so much smaller than other cameras around so can easily be taken with you everywhere you go.CuteBun (Blogger)
Fisheye Baby 110 Camera

Here’s more on the film, camera and places to develop 110 films in Malaysia. and don’t forget head to the 110 Camera Microsite for full information.

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