The LOMO LC-Wide Part 24: Demographics


A sneaky peak into the everyday lives of people.

Investigation Location: Germany.
Which percentage belongs to that of the Lomographer?

How often do you spend time with artistic or musical activities (painting, making music, photography, theatre or dance)?
Never – 53%
Almost never – 25%
At least once per month – 9%
At least once per week – 10%
Daily – 3%
No comment – 1%

What’s the leisure time activity that you do most intensively?
Watching TV – 33%
Photographing – 44%
Knitting – 23%
Collecting stamps – 75%
Going to exhibitions – 6%
Going to rave or techno-parties – 3%

Who was the last person you kissed?
My partner – 2%
A stranger – 1%
Pet – 1%
I don’t know – 64%

Would you prefer to be an acrobat or an ice-cream seller in the circus?
Acrobat – 20%
Ice-cream seller – 16%
I don’t know – 60.7%

Do you believe in the one big love?
Yes – 2%
No – 0.9%
I don’t know – 3%

What do you do when you’re in the mood for a change?
I go away for a few days – 16%
I buy something nice for my flat – 56%
I meet friends I rarely see – 8%

If you were free to choose, how long would you like to live?
70 years – 2%
90 years – 2%
110 years – 10%
150 years – 32.1%
300 years – 29.5%
Forever – 27.5%

(Statistics taken from, results were drawn from various market research
institutions within the past 10 years)

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