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2012-06-17 1

Sometimes you really need not go far to discover a “location” that you love. In fact, you need not even go beyond your own living room. Don’t believe me? Well check out our Locations Feature of the Week!

When it comes to locations submissions, there are adventure seekers who really make the time to go out explore, and take lot (and lots) of photos of the places that they’ve visited, the people, they’ve met, and of course, the delicious treats that they were able to enjoy. While those definitely pique the interest of their fellow community members here in Lomography, there are also those who, for either time or budget constraints, have opted to get creative with whatever’s available around them – and quite literally too.

Take for example goonies's article about his favorite lomo-location…his couch! Having been recently translated to English by bonzone more community users were able to enjoy this fun article and who knows, might have been inspired to take lomographs of their own happy place.

“Now you’re asking “What’s so special about a sofa, to write an article about it?” You should know that mine is not a simple and normal sofa, this is the place where my lomo ideas are born.” – goonies as translated by bonzone

Filled with funny anecdotes about his love for his sofa and the many, many, MANY things that has happened there along with photographs taken by him and his friends, goonies leaves an open invitation to his fellow lomographers with regard to whoever wants to crash into his couch and exchange lomo-ideas.

Read the full article here.

Are you interested in being the next Article of the Week for Locations? Then start submitting your locations features now! Don’t forget this month’s requested posts for extra piggy points!

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