Why We Love Singapore – A Photo Exhibit

2012-06-28 2

As a lead up to the country’s 47th birthday on the 9th of August, the Lion City’s birthday organizer decided to take us Singaporeans on a journey to rediscover the place we call home. A photographic exhibit is one of the ways that they are doing it.

The theme for this year’s National Day celebrations is “Loving Singapore, Our Home.” One of the ways that the organizing committee is reaching out to Singaporeans is through a photo exhibition and road show that celebrates the things we call home.

According to their “website”:http://www.ndp.org.sg, the objective of the exhibition is to let Singaporeans "better appreciate Singapore and nationhood, and also deepen their understanding of the performances for National Day Parade 2012.”

The locations of the exhibition and road show include public places, public libraries, and shopping centres. When the road show stopped at Toa Payoh Hub on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2012, I knew I had to snap the moment.

It was a quiet when I visited the road show around noon but within minutes, people from all walks of life started to crowd round the exhibits. I suspect they must have just finished their lunch and decided to check out the exhibition.

Looking at the number of people stopping by the road show and checking out the photos, I dare say that the organizing committee has met their objective of catching the attention of passer-bys.

The road show will ultimately end at The Bay by Esplanade, where a carnival will take place from the 8th to the 12th of August.

All information for this article were taken from "LovingSG”:http://www.lovingsg.sg and Loving Singapore, Our Home.

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  1. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    Let's hope theres a Lomo Edition! :D

  2. uncle_jay
    uncle_jay ·

    @lawypop: You know what? I think you have just given @lomographysg a great idea! :)

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