A Bite of Art Masterpiece in Beijing: DaDong YiJing Cuisine

2012-06-26 2

Just want to share with you guys the joyous and artistic atmosphere that art masterpieces bring us – especially to our beloved stomach. DaDong is no ordinary roast duck restaurant but a living museum with edible masterpieces!

Haven’t been to Beijing for more than a decade, I finally decided to revisit it last month. Aside from sightseeing at historical scenic spots such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, another activity that I was keen on doing is to enjoy the taste of some local cuisine!

If you’re tired of the usual noodle and dumplings…

Or not brave enough to try the assorted skewers prepared by local stalls using a hairdryer(!)…

And if it’s still too early for the night markets…

And at the same time, if you want to enjoy a decent meal with friends and stay away from the crowd…

DaDong is definitely the perfect choice!

DaDong is famous for its YiJing Cuisine. YiJing Cuisine is kind of fusion cuisine that incorporates the elements of artworks such as poetry and paintings into dishes. Aside from using specially designed pottery or porcelain containers for certain dishes, ingredients that match the feeling of the respective season are used.

What’s the must-try dish then? Without a doubt, it’s the roast duck!

It sounds boring as roast duck is a typical dish that almost every restaurant in Beijing can provide, but I can tell you that the roast duck from DaDong is no ordinary dish. Have you ever experience the amazing feeling when the skin of the roast duck just cracks and melts on your tongue as it’s ultimately light and crispy? Ooh la la…it’s just too delicious to describe in words!

Don’t think, just go and give it a try! A quick reminder for you: remember to make a reservation before you go!

No. 22, Dongsishitiao, DongCheng District, Beijing
Right next to exit D of Dongsishitiao subway station
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Beijing Subway
DaDong Yijing Cuisine

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    Wonderful Article!! There is an electrical tool that looks like a metal hair dryer that runs about 1200F and is used to strip paint from metal, and you can BBQ with it. Enjoy!! BTW... if you bake things, try this: www.lomography.jp/magazine/news/2010/02/07/long-lost-baklav…

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