Genting Highlands Outdoor Theme Park


Genting, the city of excitement. Aside from its chilling weather, you can also enjoy go-karting, boating, bump car rides and maybe have a date in the Ferris wheel. A nice place to relax, and maybe do weekend shoots.

The Genting Highlands has often became the destination for both locals and foreigners during holidays. What makes Genting Highlands so attractive? It was mainly because of the chilling weather over there. But, the outdoor theme park makes a huge contribution to Genting’s popularity among the locals and foreign visitors.

Spend a day in the theme park with your family or friends. It’s lots a fun! Feeling adventurous? Take rides on the space shot, roller coaster, flying coaster and pirate ship. Feeling speedy? Why not take the challenge on the Go-Kart. Feeling romantic? Go for boating or Ferris wheel in the park. Feeling childish? Invite your friends to have bumper car, bumper boat or tea cup ride with you.

There are so much more outdoor activities in the theme park and all you have to do is just take a day off and relax! My favorite? Of course the spinner located near the entrance of the theme park. I could witness the beauty of the theme park from a high angle.

Come, and experience the city of excitement.

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