Oahu Cemetery: A Trip into the Past


Oahu Cemetery is a way to journey back to old Hawaii. It houses many faiths and different ethnicities that make Hawaii a melting pot of cultures.

As someone who studied Anthropology, I have a fascination for many aspects of the burial and the care of our ancestors. One of those aspects is the cemetery. I am not someone who wears all black or is fascinated with horror movies. It is in reverence to those who came before us and how we choose to remember them that piques my interest.

Credits: neanderthalis

Oahu Cemetery is the oldest public cemetery on the island. It was founded in 1844 in the Nu’uanu Valley. It was established at the height of the whaling industry. It started as a way for foreigners to be interned on who may have not been allowed in the Catholic, Lutheran or other missionary who had set up churches on the island. It is written that the first burial cost $2.50.

Credits: neanderthalis
Credits: neanderthalis

The markers range from the simplest to more extravagant statues and mausoleums.

Credits: neanderthalis

The cemetery lies on 18 acres just a few miles from downtown Honolulu and made in Victorian style with a duck pond and a small waterfall at the back. Plots are no longer available for public sale. There is an adjacent cemetery that is more modern. There is also a Japanese cemetery and tea house next to it.

I have never tried cross processing while taking grave pictures. Normally I work in black & white for the typical effect.

Credits: neanderthalis

These photos were taken with a Canon AE-1/ Rollei Crossbird and a Lubitel 166+ / Fuji Across 100


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