Life with Famous Fathers


For Father’s Day, we’re sharing these classic black and white photographs of celebrity dads and their children. Check out photos from the LIFE archive to see John F. Kennedy, Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson and many more with their offspring.

Photos via LIFE

Ever wonder what it’d be like to have a famous dad? Well, some people don’t have to. Above, Robert Redford takes his son David skiing, Tony Curtis laughs with daughter, now actress Jamie Lee Curtis, Steve McQueen kisses his daughter Terry good night, Sammy Davis Jr. kisses his son Mark, Vice President Richard Nixon takes his daughter Julie to a ball game, and Senator John F. Kennedy smiles at his daughter Caroline.

“What does it mean to be a dad? Most fathers would probably cite the same qualities — and employ much the same language — if asked that very question. A dad provides, most would say. A dad protects. He tries to teach — often by example, if only because so many fathers still embrace that hoary old “strong, silent” stereotype, and so many dads find that showing rather than telling can frequently be a more eloquent method for imparting a lesson. (Or, at least, that’s what we like to tell ourselves when our kids just won’t freaking listen.)”

Photos via LIFE

Above, Jack Nicholson talks to daughter Jennifer, Kirk Douglas plays with son, now actor Michael Douglas, Humphrey Bogart holds his son Stephen, Dustin Hoffman plays pool with daughter Karina, Dean Martin puts his son Ricci to bed, and Charlton Heston lifts his son Fraser on the set of The Ten Commandments. Fraser played Baby Moses.

“For the most part, today’s dads are still bumbling good-naturedly along, much as their fathers and their fathers’ fathers did — maybe a little more “enlightened,” more “sensitive,” more “attuned” than their old men, but generally working on the same basic principles: Raise good kids. Don’t spoil them. Help them stand up and, every once in a while, let them fall down. Love them, guide them — and then, as painful as it’s going to be, let them go.”

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Sourced from LIFE.

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