July and August Workshops and Events 2012


Summer is officially here in NYC, and at the Lomography Gallery Store Gramercy we are beyond excited to present 12 analogue filled workshops and community shows in our Gallery that will be going on for the rest of the summer!

Join us in July and August for workshops on every Lomography camera you ever wanted to try, as well as fun new twists on old classics. We will be having 2 shows in July and August that are all about our awesome Lomographic community and will involve YOU. Your photographs will be featured, so come by the shop, email, or call us to ask us how to get involved!



*Saturday 7/7 @ 2 pm – Introduction to Pinhole Lomography*
Pinhole photography is as unique as it is simple, bringing us back to the very basics of photography. Learn how to use the pinhole feature on the Diana F+ in this workshop for beginners. We’ll cover the basics of the camera, and then learn tips and tricks on all you will need to shoot your very own pinhole photographs on 120 film!

*Thursday 7/12 @ 7:30pm – Manhattanhenge: Sunset on 23rd Street*
Enjoy an evening outside the everyday hustle and bustle of New York City as we look east down 23rd street and watch as the sun sets perfectly aligned with the grid of the city streets. This special day only happens twice a year, so come grab a camera and join us as we capture the quite beauty of the moment and savor the peacefulness of the setting sun. This workshop is FREE.

*Saturday 7/14 @ 12pm – 4 Knots Music Festival*
The 4 Knots Music Festival will be held at the South Street Seaport on Piers 16 & 17 from 1pm-8pm, for an all day sea-centric event! We want to bring you down to relax listen to some tunes, and will use our La Sardina and Fisheye cameras for some salty and nautical photographs, as we can’t think of anything better to do in the summer than to enjoy and photograph!


*Saturday 7/21 @ 2pm – Rainbow Color-Gel Magic*
Think those little color gels that come with your Diana F+ are just for putting into your flash? Think again! These charming filters can be used for so many things. Curious? We will explore the possibilities of color gels to enhance our photographs, and would love for you to share your ideas with us at the workshop!


*Saturday 7/28 @ 2pm- The Pop 9 in 3-D!*
The Pop 9 is not just a cool camera that takes 9 shots for you all on the same little frame, it is a camera that is your tool for the creation of 3-D images through 2-D photography! Learn how to turn the 9 tiny images from this quirky camera into one spectacular holographic image! We will show you step-by-step on how to produce the 3-D effect at home, and then will have cameras available for you to shoot to test your skills!

*Monday, July 1st to Thursday, August 2nd- Living LomoWall*
In July, we will be celebrating two of the cornerstones of Lomography: the infamous LomoWall and our Lomographic community! During the entire month, we will have a Living LomoWall in our gallery space, where we invite you to add as many of your favorite photos as you like, and help us make this wall grow into something spectacular! We will have a closing reception on Thursday, August 2nd at 6pm to admire the beauty that is created out of community.


*Saturday 8/4 @ 2pm – Hester Street Fair Walking Tour*
Here at Lomography, we love everything and anything that is analogue. The Hester Street Fair, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, is home to all the analogue goodies your little Lomographic heart desires, and is a fantastic place for photographs! Bring or borrow your favorite camera, and let’s go shopping and shooting analogue style! This workshop is FREE.

*Saturday 8/11 @ 2 pm – Start to Fin with the LomoKino*
Lights! Camera! Action! Become the director of your very own movie as we learn and play with Lomography’s 35mm movie maker, the LomoKino! Grab a group of friends and team up! We will be handing out a different genre and some guidelines, as well as a few props to each group, which should make things interesting!

*Saturday 8/18 @ 2pm – Bokeh Dreams with the Lubitel 166+*
What is Bokeh, you ask? It is that creamy swirl of delight that happens when photographs have a shallow depth of field and only one part of the image is in focus. Learn how to have full control over your images’ focus and to shoot photographs like this with the allusive Lubitel 166+. Bokeh is not a beginner technique, but all are welcome if you are up for a challenge!

*Wednesday 8/22 @ 7pm – Lomographic Lightpainting*
Night is one of the most beautiful times of the day to photograph. From long exposures to the glow of ambient light, photographing on low-light situations is magical. In this workshop, learn how to use the Diana F+ to use light to paint your images with streaks of color and create your very own masterpieces on film!

*Saturday 8/25 @ 2pm – Nature’s Bioluminescence*
On this walking tour, we will be heading to the Museum of Natural History to explore the alluring Creatures of Light and how they glow. The workshop will start with an overview of the features of the LC-A+, and then we will learn how to shoot long and multiple exposures of these bioluminescent organisms. Admission to the museum is donation based, admission to this exhibit is $16.

*August 3rd – September 23rd – Diana F+ Group Show*
The Diana World Tour is well on its way, set to hit New York City in late September! We are too excited to contain ourselves or wait that long to start celebrating, so we will be putting up a teaser show in our gallery space that will feature all Diana F+ photographs from NYC community members and Lomography Staff. Join us on Thursday, August 9th at 6pm for the opening reception, where we can sip on some wine and enjoy the delightful magic of the Diana F+!

Workshops are $10 ($7 for students) unless otherwise noted. Admission includes a free roll of film and a loaner camera if applicable. All participants will receive a 10% coupon for the store. Be sure to arrive early as space is limited, and if you want to borrow a camera as quantities are limited. Come in to either location, call, or email us at shopnyc@lomography.com to hold your place!

*Lomography Gallery Store Gramercy*
106 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

Shop Hours:
Monday- Saturday: 10:30am- 9:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm

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