Escape from the City to Genting Highlands


I believe everyone has their own place to go to if they want to relax and recharge themselves. For me, I love to go out to another side of the world which is most of the time overseas. In this article, I would like to show you a place which is very ideal for relaxation.

Genting Highlands is a resort developed by the Genting Group and it is located at the top of a mountain called the Titiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia. Visitors can either take a coach bus from Kuala Lumpur or go there via cable car. Cable car…doesn’t that sound exciting?

Yes, Genting Highlands is indeed a very fun and relaxing place to be in. There are modern infrastructures like a hotel, a big shopping mall etc. It is really amazing to have such a resort built up high in the mountain which leaves me thinking how much sweat and effort the workers put in to construct this resort world many years back.

From the photos above, you can see that it is an entertainment place for people of all ages (young and old). There is a very big theme park, which has facilities designed for small kids (mini roller coaster etc.) and adults (a big roller coaster, gravity tower, and superman ride – second to the last of the photos above; etc). The theme park is big enough to let you spend a half a day of enjoyment.

Food is not a problem as there is a shopping mall with various restaurants and fast food outlets. The main attraction of Genting Highlands is casino other than the theme park. From day to night, the casino can never be seen empty. Gamblers like to try their luck in the casino whenever they visit Genting Highlands as there is a wide range of games for them to choose from.

For me, the one thing which I like about Genting Highlands are the clouds! This is the reason why I love to go there if I want to escape from city life. Because the resort is located at the top of a mountain, I can actually see clouds underneath me and the view is magnificent!

I hope that after reading this article, lomographers can also pay a visit to Genting Highlands.

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