Diana Instant Back+: The Joy of Instant Photography

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As an amateur photographer, one of the challenges that I encounter whenever I indulge in analogue photography is the resulting image being different from what I expected. This is where instant photography comes in. Keep reading for more rambling!

Instant photography has many perks and one of the main advantage is the ability to view your photos instantly. There are no delays, no waiting for the lab to process your film, and most importantly, you can take another picture if your first shot failed miserably. Not everyone is gifted with natural talent, and nothing annoys me more than getting bad and out of focus photos, and not having a second opportunity to take another photo. This is why I love using the Diana Instant Back+.

Street Art Photography

The Diana Instant Back+ — an accessory created by Lomography — allows users to achieve the effects of a Diana+ in an instant format. It measures about 4.6 cm by 6.2 cm and easily slides into your Diana and only increases the depth of the camera by about 1 cm. Unlike other instant cameras, it’s relatively lightweight. It runs on two CR2 batteries and uses Fujifilm Instax Mini film which produces credit card sized photos.

Nature Photography

As I mentioned before, not everyone is gifted with natural talent and being a beginner, there has been multiple times where I took my camera during overseas travel and not liking the outcome of the photos. And what’s worse, by the time I developed my photos, I have already flown back home. But by using my Diana Instant Back+, I can spot my mistakes (over/under exposure and focusing issues), adjust my settings, and take another photo. PROBLEM SOLVED!

Street Art Photography

The Instant Back can be used in conjunction with other Diana accessories such as the various lens and the Splitzer, meaning that you can still achieve the Diana look in a different format! A disadvantage, however, is getting use to the smaller image. Because the Diana+ takes 120 film, the smaller size of the Instax means that you can’t rely on the viewfinder and would have to get use to the new framing. Nonetheless, it does not take long to adapt and as long as you keep the subject in the center, it should be in the frame.

So to any Diana+ owners, give the Instant Back a try! You will not regret it!

Recreate your favourite Diana camera dreamy effects in an instant photo with the Diana Instant Back+! Experience instant photo gratification by simply attaching the Diana Instant Back+ to any Diana+ camera and load it with Fuji Instax Mini film. Get your own Diana Instant Back+ now!

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I like this article. I have debating on getting one of these. My wife has an Instax camera. I could steal her film.

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