Everyday is Unique in Graffiti Street


Feeling like capturing some colour on film? In that case, the little Graffiti Street in Gent is the place to be! In this unique alleyway, you will immediately be overwhelmed by the vivid shades and ingenious shapes on the walls that surround you.

Credits: undiscovered

One of the most interesting streets in Gent is without a doubt the Werregarenstraat, better known as “Graffiti Street”. This is the only alley in Gent where graffiti painting is legal and it’s clear that the youth takes full advantage of this. You’ll notice this through the fact that this little lane will have completely changed the next time you walk through it.

Credits: undiscovered & toscan

With a bit of luck and some sprayers, you will be able to see them doing their thing when you go for a stroll through the alley. They won’t mind one bit if you stay around to watch them or if you take a picture.

Credits: undiscovered

Even the rain won’t block out the colour. Sometimes you even find graffiti on the ground.

Credits: undiscovered

So if you ever find yourself sauntering through Gent, take the time to find this street! It’s a must-see!

written by undiscovered on 2012-06-29 #places #art #street #graffiti #gent #location #mural #urban-adventures

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