US City Slicker rwins: An Afternoon at the Wilson Skate Park


Since Go Skateboarding day is coming up soon, I decided to pack a few cameras and head to the Wilson Skate Park to take some pictures of the local Chicago skaters. Armed with my Diana Mini, Minolta XG-M, and a few rolls of film, I made my way to the park.

It was a beautiful day and I was really excited about shooting some action shots with my Supersampler, but when I got to the park I realized that I had forgotten it at home! At least I had my trusty Diana Mini to catch those cool action shots.

At first, I was just taking photos from outside the fence, but then a few nice guys came up to me and took me under their wings. They assured me that I could come in and I wouldn’t get run over or yelled at, like I initially thought would happen.

Then they brought me over to the best spots to take pictures and did some tricks for me. All the guys were so nice and really interested in my crazy looking cameras. One guy even came over and asked if he could see the photo that I took of him!

Once the sun got a little bit lower, I shot some individual pictures of the guys. It was my first time asking strangers to take their portraits, so I was a little nervous, but everyone was really into it and let me do my thing.

I had a really nice time at the Wilson Skate Park and I got to meet some really cool guys. I even got more comfortable taking portraits of strangers. One of these days I’ll go back and actually bring my Supersampler!

written by rwins on 2012-06-20 #lifestyle #chicago #skateboarding #usa #rachel #cityslickers #us-cityslicker #go-skateboarding-day-2012

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