Class of 2012: My Best Buddies' Convocation

2012-07-04 3

It’s graduation season! Some of my best friends had their convocation this June and I knew I had to be there to not only support them but capture it all in analogue. And I thought, why not surprise them with a Class of 2012 Lomography article dedicated just for them? I mean, that’s what friends are for!

Four long years of university later, you walk up to that stage, receive that very prestigious piece of paper and start that next journey of your life – the working adult! To be honest, that thought scares me, but I guess the celebration part is always fun. My four best buds graduated a few weeks ago and I rushed over there with my trusty Lomo LC-A+ to surprise them with cards, stuffed Snoopy’s and a whole lot of hugs!

Friends are always the best part of, well, anything, but they definitely help with making those seemingly-never ending years of staying up to do assignments and cramming lecture notes into your brain much easier. I figured you’d like to meet some of these great people who made my life a thrill during my university years, so here goes:

One of the sweetest girls I know, Tiffany is a great friend and is always ready to share some laughter with everyone. She is known for arriving to class right when it ends – I don’t know how many times I have received texts from her saying she missed her bus! She is really a kid at heart and always loves to have fun. Tiffany is a Lomographer herself who began shooting with the Diana Mini just last year.

There have been countless times that I just end up laughing with JC like maniacs during our lectures over the silliest things. I think we spend most of the time insulting each other, but all in good fun of course! There is never a dull moment with him and I’m very glad to call him one of my best friends. JC, who loves taking photographs, owns a Diana Mini and a La Sardina Orinoco Ochre and brings his cameras with him everywhere he goes!

Ramon is super chill and super friendly – I mean look at that face! He’s one of the most down-to-earth people that I know and is always willing to help a friend out, including Tim Hortons runs. He has yet to own a Lomography camera, but he participated in Toronto's LomoMatrix so I’m sure he will convert to analogue very soon!

Robert was my very first friend in university and we are still very good friends 4 years later. I think I’ve done most of my projects with him – not gonna go into how well those went, but we had fun! Rob has 4 dogs – yes, 4 dogs, that we all love very much. Rob doesn’t say much, but when he does, he’s a witty one.

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2012! Wishing everyone all the best as you step into the next stage of your life! (And, remember to have your Lomography camera there to document it all!)

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  1. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    this is very cute :) makes me think of where i'll be in a few years' time :)

  2. ashleyaang
    ashleyaang ·

    Make sure to take plenty of photos when it's your turn! :)

  3. thestranger13
    thestranger13 ·

    such a cute article! i just graduated a week ago with my lc-wide, i can feel the exact excitement (: film raelly makes so much difference! now you shld document yours (:

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