LomoAmigo Vasco Nunes Cranks with the LomoKino


Cinematographer Vasco Lucas Nunes takes on the LomoKino and shoots a remarkable movie! He got a masters in Cinematography from the AFI Conservatory. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Check out his work after the jump!

REAL NAME: Vasco Alves Henriques Lucas Nunes
CITY/COUNTRY: Born – Lisboa, Portugal
Lives – Los Angeles, California
CAMERAS: The right selection of analog and digital, stills and motion, square or panoramic, above water and below.

How long have you been a Lomographer? How did you start?
Was exposed to Panoramic Horizon’s in 1997 during a documentary in the Brazilian Amazon jungle, while in the Urban European cities I would do swaps of my Yashica T5/T4s for an LC a friend had.

How do you incorporate Lomography in your daily life and your work?
Visually bringing a story alive is my life’s work.
Lomos are a unique tool to access a feeling and attitude within photography. Like other tools in the arsenal of filmmaking, it has an analog heart.
In Paper Jet Recess we seek to make you feel that recess has truly arrived, and we think the lomokino in our hands made us arrive at that feeling quickly.

What was your LomoKino shooting experience like?
We set ourselves up with such a complex move, repetition, and continuity, some film stocks having registration problems, leading to multiple reshoots.
We loved waiting for the results from the lab, getting them on the edit, and finding out if they would link properly for effect.
Renato and I would work on the editorial and planning the next section shoot, while Joaquim would executive produce till the end: ‘Can we add an explosion when it crashes on the flowers?”..

What’s the inspiration behind your analogue movie?
The fun had by my son Joaquim with a simple paper airplane during any recess.

How would you compare the LomoKino to other equipment you usually shoot with?
Accessible Analog Heart.

Can you share a secret to making a great movie?

What’s the best part about being a filmmaker/cinematographer?
How much one get’s exposed to Life, Humans and the Planet.

Who would you most like to film next?
Someone who brings Tacheles to a screen.

What’s strangest, funniest, hands-down greatest, or most “unusual” photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had?
Being pushed by an Onça (Brazilian amazon panther) against the corner of a dock while shooting 16mm, a Horizon was there to capture the scene.

Photo By: Art Spiegel

What’s coming up on the horizon? New projects? What’s in the works and what’s on your mind?
I just completed a documentary project with Ms. Oprah Winfrey in early 2012, all the while doing a scanning & editorial retrospective of never before printed negatives from the past 2 decades with a tentative release of late 2012.

Your advice to Lomographers and aspiring filmmakers?
collaborate amongst yourselves, remember loyalty counts.
quitting sucks, refocus and keep at it.

Credits: Paper Jet Recess
Filmmakers: Joaquim, Vasco Nunes, Renato Lucas

Check out his website for more information on his work.

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