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This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “Sweet Surreal Dream in Provia Colour.” Community member stonerfairy from Singapore shares her hallucinatory multiple exposures that make us want to pinch ourselves to see if we’re dreaming. See the entrancing gallery here!

Credits: stonerfairy

“Before this experiment, I’ve tried some galaxy doubles using 35mm film slides and I guess its a success. Next I was thinking why not I try to do self doubles using some surreal illustration work. None of the merging of these shots were planned. For this experiment, I only planned what to shoot for the first roll and which kind of environment to re-shoot again. That’s all…the merging part is still a mystery until I develop the film and see the results.”

Read more from Sweet Surreal Dream in Provia Colour by stonerfairy.

We picked this article because stonerfairy’s photos put us in a lomographic trance! Double exposures or MX are a favorite experiment of film photographers because you never quite know how the overlapping images will turn out, yet you know you’re bound to find some “happy accidents.” The intense imagery from stonerfairy’s first exposures weaved almost seamlessly and so spectacularly with real life scenes from the second exposure that the Fuji Provia roll yielded accidentally vivid dreamlike lomographs!

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  1. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    @stonerfairy: This is indeed a fantastically hallucinatory album. A million congratulations to you!

  2. stonerfairy
    stonerfairy ·

    @buckshot wooohooo!!

    Thank you! Thank you!

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