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Although the weather of Las Vegas is stifling, teens look to hone their skateboarding skills at Desert Breeze skate park.

Despite the blistering heat, some local skaters look to “drop in” rather than “dive” into pools across the Las Vegas valley. Desert Breeze skate park provides this experience to those skaters looking for something fun and exciting in a city designed for adults.

Even though the most important aspect is the skate park itself, Desert Breeze hosts many other forms of entertainment such as soccer and football fields. This is the most popular skate park in West Las Vegas and quite possibly the entire city. It offers half-pipes to skate, rails to grind, and pools to drop into. Once the sun sets on the valley the park comes alive with anxious skaters all looking to beat the heat and have fun with friends. Teens have the ability to skate the night away under the bright lights the park offers, that is of course, until the curfew for minors is enforced.

Desert Breeze also has its share of skate competitions with the largest competition usually occurring on the last Saturday in March. This competition coincides with “Extreme Thing”, a local music festival that is held annually at the park. Although the music is the main attraction, the skate competition draws a large number of fans to watch their favorite local skaters compete.

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