US CitySlicker David: San Diego - Pacific Beach and Lupe Fiasco's Kick Push


Sometimes you stop somewhere and a song plays in your head, just like when you smell something familiar that reminds you of home. There are songs and places that fit perfectly together: Pacific Beach and Lupe Fiasco’s Kick Push.

The first time I stepped down in Pacific Beach was a cloudy and windy day in February. The beach was almost empty, just a few brave surfers, one or two runners and a lonely skater. When I saw the skater coming to me, the Kick Push song of Lupe Fiasco started to play in my brain.

This month the Lomography folks asked for something skating related, so I asked to my local friends for the places they use to go to skate. I wasn’t surprise that Pacific Beach was one of those places.

I recommend starting at the Crystal Pier and taking Ocean Boulevard and ending at Mission Point Park, it’s a 3 miles long street closed to car circulation. It\s perfect for walking, rolling, skating or cycling. So enjoy the beach but don’t forget to take a look at the historic Belmont Amusement Park which is situated halfway in the beach-front.

Credits: megustastu

written by megustastu on 2012-06-19 #videos #lifestyle #skate #san-diego #pacific #beach #cityslicker #lupe-fiasco #go-skateboarding-day-2012

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