Hit Production Studios


A sneak peek inside the country’s premier recording studio.

This is the place all bands want to cut their first cd. This is where all the heavyweights have recorded and like it’s name, became hits. HIT Production Studios has the lastest high end digital recording facilities and software, all state-of-the-art with the best engineers and technicians on the boards. HIT has eight studios and a big analogue studio where one can fit a full orchestra. So when the requirement for sound calls for the nearest natural sound you can reproduce, this is the only way to go and Hit has the facilities for it.

Hit Production Studios cater mostly to the advertising industry, which is my line of work. I work in the creative department of one of the top 5 agencies here in the Philippines and when the rains were pouring down last week and I had nothing to shoot for the LC-A race, I decided I would shoot some scenes here inside studio F – my favorite letter not just because my name starts with it. Haha. Not everyday do people get to peek inside a studio and here’s your chance! I was working overtime scoring and recording voice talent for my television commercial. The session was a breeze, and the talents were all pros. And oh, I missed the HIT burger here as the small café inside was closed. Sucks.

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    I love N°1, 7 and 8 !

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