UK Cityslicker Marianne: Meet up and coming Nottingham skater Alex Hallford


Read an interview with the talented skateboarder Alex Hallford and see his skills through the Lomokino, Fisheye2 and Actionsampler!

As part of our mission from Lomography headquarters to write about skateboarding in our city, I met with local up and coming talent Alex Hallford for an interview and photoshoot…

So, how did you start skateboarding?

I started skateboarding about 9 years ago around Nottingham, there was a local mini ramp near my house which kind of got me into it. I got my first board when I was about 8 or 9, just started skating ramp from a young age and then sort of stuck with it. Mainly I’m into vert, bowl and mini ramps.

Photos taken by Dylan Cutts (with me on the other side using the Lomokino!)

Do you have any inspirations?

I’d have to say Andy Scott, he’s a British guy, I’ve grown up watching him skate. And Danny Way, an American chap who’s been around for years, he kills it. I’ve always loved to watch him skate, he does the mega ramp and I’d love to try out the mega ramp one day. Also Bob Burnquist, I’d like to be as good as him one day, he does technical ramp skating so he’s pretty amazing as well.

What’s your favourite place to skate in Notts?

I grew up skating Lady Bay which is the best skate park in the world [laughs] well not really but now we’ve got Clifton which is a brilliant skate park but it’s only been built in the last six months. Clifton’s got a brilliant sized bowl, good street course and there’s a good scene down at Clifton, everyone gets on. The street skating in Nottingham’s pretty good as well, the skateboarding scene’s really on the up at the moment, there’s loads more skateboarders about.

What’s your plans for the future, what’s next?

Well this summer and winter I’m going to hopefully get to travel to some events round the world. There’s a competition in Copenhagen and then in Malmo next month, hopefully I’m going to those and yeah I want to make a name for myself really. I’ve been skating the English vert series and I’ve been to Malmo and Italy. I got to semi-finals and finals respectively so I was pretty pleased.

For the non-skateboarding audience sum up what you do in a sentence…

Erm, jumping around… that’s not really a sentence is it? As Tony Hawk said, skateboarding is a sport, an art form and a lifestyle. It’s just creativity through a bit wood with four wheels. Doing your own thing, that’s the beauty of it. It’s all the same thing but everybody has their own unique way of doing it.

Nothing beats it, I know it’s painful sometimes but you just get back up and try it again. That’s what it’s about really, not giving up. It’s not an easy sport at all and I’m glad that I didn’t give in because I’ve had some injuries where I could’ve stopped skating but I got back on my board and I’m still loving it.

What would your top tips be for those starting out skateboarding?

If you’re starting out skating, just keep riding your skateboard everyday. Even if you’re just going to the shop, just skateboard to the shop, don’t drive just skate. Also, don’t push mongo, that’s the ultimate tip. That means push with your back foot not your front foot because otherwise it’ll end badly, that is the ultimate tip for starting skateboarding [laughs] yeah that’s about right.

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