Museum asks, 'Do you know who are in these tintype photos?'


A special museum in Virginia needs help identifying the subjects in some of the world’s oldest photographs. Maybe you can point the museum to some lead, so check out some of the tintypes after the jump!

You’ve probably heard about an old photographic process called the tintype (but if you’re not familiar with it, you can check out How Tintype Photographs are Made), which became popular during the Civil War Era. It was typical for soldiers to carry one or two fragile tintypes of their loved ones housed in small hinged cases, but very few of them carried identification. Also, many of the possessions of those who died in battle were not returned to their families. Therefore, you can just imagine how more often than not, information about each photo were forever lost with the passing of the people who owned the photos.

One of the mysterious photos in the possession of The Museum of the Confederacy. Photo by Steve Helber via Pop Photo

Now, The Museum of the Confederacy, whose mission is to preserve, display, and commemorate the history and artifacts of the Confederate States of America, seeks the public’s help in identifying the subjects of eight (8) photos recovered in the Civil War battlefields.

The museum has managed to obtain other tintypes from families who have handed the photos down through generations, but the identities of the subjects in the eight photos remain an enduring mystery. Do you think you can give the museum a hand? Take a look at all the images in the museum's website and read about the leads that they have so far.

All information for this article were taken from PetaPixel, Pop Photo, and AP.

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