One New York


Do expect to spend a lot of money for nothing, and the place fills up quick and the staff isn’t the friendliest but that’s Manhattan night life for you.

ONE has an earthy, sexy feel with warm, natural candlelight, emphasizing a play on shadows and light. There is a playful element in the space as distinct areas blend together to create a unified venue. The seating and table heights along with the table settings set the scene for the intimate and personal experience shared with your party and the entire room.

The Meatpacking District, where New Yorkers come to feel like Europeans and Europeans come to feel like New Yorkers. Wear your best threads and park your Hyundai out of sight when you pull up at this swanky venue where everyone feels more beautiful and important than they actually are. The exterior, with its brick facade and overflowing planters, is more charming than what lies inside: serving girls in drafty miniskirts looking just as sordid and opportunistic as the men in Versace suits seated before them. One’s architecture, with its soft lights and cozy booths, has received much acclaim.

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