My First Analogue Outing in Jakarta

2012-07-02 5

It’s been a while since I’ve shoot analogue with a group of analogue lover. Worse situation is, I know no one with the same interest like me here in Jakarta as I come from Malaysia but studying in Jakarta. Until, one day when I found out an event organized by local analogue community, I didn’t hesitate to join!

The newbie day outing group

Last month, in the middle of May 2012, I’ve accidentally bumped into an outing event ( Newbie Day) created by an analogue society in Jakarta, Indonesia when i was busy surfing the net. Without further ado, i asked the host whether I can join the outing or not. This is due to, I’m from Malaysia and I’m scared that I’m not welcomed to join. But, it turned out the other way round, the host welcomed me to join the event. Thanks a lot reiga and sondy.

It had been quite some times I’ve not join any analogue outing. I was very excited as it’s my first outing since I first came to Jakarta. The Newbie Day was held at Kota Tua, Jakarta where you can see lots of old buildings. It’s one of the major tourist’s spot in Jakarta. When I reached Kota Tua, they have started shooting. After a quick session of ice breaking, I joined them shooting.

The outing was divided into 3 sessions. The first one is, candid session, followed by bikers concept session and lastly light painting session. The outing last until at about 6pm. Just imagine, how long the shooting session was, started from around 10am till 6pm. I’ve learned lots of thing from fellow analogue photographers who’re very kind to share their knowledge. This outing also gave me chances to know more friends with same interest as mine. I hope there will be more outing like this in the future. For sure, i’ll try my best to make myself free to join them if there are any outing held next time. It’s kinda impossible for me to find myself free time as medic students have lots of things to do. But, nothing is impossible right?

Some photos from the outing

Credits: haziqhashim

I had one roll of film film burnt and another two mostly burnt. Looks like I have to choose the right film to use next time and do not use expired film for this kind of event. A thoughtful lesson for me.

It was nice to meet new friends freezedudul , jarvislomo and others who I might dont know their lomohomes.

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    I don't know why the display photo is different from what i've submitted. anyone knows why?

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