Go Skateboard Part Two: The Beginner Skaters - 'We've All Got To Start Somewhere'


Join us in celebrating Go Skateboarding Day on June 21st – all it takes is a skateboard and the strong passion to learn the sport. To inspire you, we will be featuring Go Skate magazine articles prepared by Neonstash – our chief contributor for the series. Also, don’t forget to check out selected Lomography Gallery Stores and discover some cool surprises in store for you!

Words and Lomo LC-A+ photos by Neonstash

Skating is open to all. Just the desire to skate and a board is all you need to get involved. You can appreciate skate from the sidelines; watch the latest movies or spy on your local skate spot. As a skate spectator you can be impressed and satisfied. But once you’re a participator, on a board, actually skating, then you can understand… Why ‘Go Skateboard’?

It’s a rainy Sunday morning. Normal folk arousing from bed to peek out the window only to see the grey sky and the wet pavement and crawl back under the duvet. But not for this bunch of enthusiastic skaters, part of a beginners girl course run by Ealing Skate Association. Free for all who want to learn to skate. They are on the final day of their 4 week Sunday morning course and this is the first bad weather day. Rain, the kryptonite of skate, means that outdoor park action is off the cards for todays lesson. So it’s off to Bay Sixty 6 in Notting Hill for an undercover skate. What a savior! There is a good turnout despite the weather and I watch as these girls practice the basics.

From simply standing on the deck to feeling the transition of the bowl. The fear, the adrenaline, the bruises, the progression… Equals the satisfaction. It’s only the beginning and we’ve all got to start somewhere.

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