Find Paradise at Lynn's in Louisville!

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Just around the corner in Bohemian Louisville (yes, that exists) you’ll find one of the most interesting restaurants this side of the Mississippi. Follow me after the jump to learn more!

Credits: megzeazez

I recently went on an adventure with a lifelong friend of mine through Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. We were bound for Louisville but our trip was a short one, lasting only 3 days, and with many responsibilities. My best friend had a couple of major life-changing job interviews to tackle, and with the prospects of having to relocate from Dallas to Louisville, we were mainly concerned with scouting out the area to see how she felt about moving there.

Excited to be at Lynn’s!

Being the lomographer that I am, I knew there would have to be a few enjoyable stops, but with little time to spend, most of the stops planned were restaurants. It turned out that the most interesting restaurant we found the entire trip was nestled in an unassuming neighborhood 10 minutes outside of downtown Louisville.

Credits: megzeazez

In all its glory, Lynn’s Paradise Cafe was by far the most eye-catching sight of a restaurant we encountered along our way. With animal statues, bright floral arrangements, and a giant tea pot, the outside of the restaurant itself is worth a visit. It provides a perfect photo op for any lomographer!

Credits: megzeazez

There’s a really neat little shop inside the store selling oddities and novelties of all types. The food itself is pretty good as well. They have sweet potato fries, one of my favorite foods, but they also serve up a full menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items.

Be your own fruit.

I highly recommend visiting Lynn’s Paradise Cafe for a good time and great eats! I know when I go to visit my buddy (she got the job in Louisville, you go girl!), Lynn’s will be my first stop!

My lomokino video of Lynn’s Paradise Cafe!!

Visit Lynn’s Paradise Cafe online for more info!

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