Spotted: LomoSummer in Cosmo!


There’s a Lomography camera scavenger hunt in the July 2012 issue of the French Cosmopolitan magazine! Two classic cameras are featured among the trendy purchases to go for this summer. Discover which ones after the break!

As usual, I go buy my favourite fashion magazines and start reading them on my bed. And while opening the French Cosmopolitan magazine, what a delightful surprise to discover, already on page 12, which announces the contents of the July edition, one of Lomography’s classic toy cameras: La Sardina El Capitan!

We then need to go to page 104 to see the El Capitan again in the CosmoBaby section. This section features items as presents for babies, who are described as « ours, or a friend’s, a sister’s, it’s the child we are still a bit inside: we all have a baby within reach in our heart ». And Cosmo is right about that! ‘Cause let’s admit it, there is still some child inside each of us that lies dormant, in order for us to be so crazy about colourful plastic cameras like the El Capitan, or other coloured editions of our beloved Diana F+ and Holga!

But that’s not all! If we go back to page 27 of the magazine, we can discover another classic camera featured in the Top Scoops section: and scoop n°1 of the section goes to… The Diana F+ in its special Sahara edition!

All right, just one small comment for Cosmopolitan is that they could have advertised the Lomography online shop instead of writing down the websites of retailers.

Anyway, as you can see, for Cosmopolitan, summer will be lomo lomo lomo !

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