UK CitySlicker Sam: Meadow Lane Skatepark, Oxford


The Oxford Wheels Project is a registered charity working towards building a permanent wheeled based sports facility for Oxford. Their current temporary skate park at Meadow Lane is home to one the best outdoor spine ramps in the country.

The Meadow Lane Ramps, built by the OWP nearly 12 years ago, were always intended as a temporary facility while a more permanent home in Oxford was found for skateboarders. While plans for a new park at Fry’s Hill are being finalised, this one (just behind the Meadow Lane kids playpark) remains and the spine ramp provide endless fun for Oxford’s skaters and BMXers. The cool kid in the photos is Richard, a fellow student at Trinity who’s studying English, and one of the finest skaterboys around.

The ramp was totally rebuilt and widened to 32 feet in summer 2005, and is in very good nick. The ramps are constructed entirely from timber and over the past decade have been ridden to hell and back. Open to all and free to ride, it’s become a focal point of the skating community. Plus there are plenty of boards for supercool graffiti.

If you want ideas of other places to skate in Oxford, a good place to start would be the Oxford Wheels Project website

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