Fujichrome 50 120: Intense Color

2012-06-18 1

Fujichrome 50 in 120 is packed with vibrant color for your medium format camera. Take a look at my photos shot with this film after the jump!

While browsing new film to try in my cameras, I came across Fujichrome 50 in 120 format. I had shot 50 ISO in Black & White and was itching to try this low ISO in color. I live on an island surrounded by beaches and bright sunny weather a majority of the year. I find that I cannot use a lot of films at the beach because they will be washed out in fixed speed cameras. I have from very early a preference for low ISO film.


When my first roll arrived, I had planned a trip out to the Westside of the island of Oahu. I am a not one to waste film especially at the cost of slide. I did not want to take any chances and loaded this film in my Lubitel 166+ where I could exert the most control in each exposure. I shot this in 16 frames format.

Credits: neanderthalis

You can see that the blues are pretty powerful. They were shot at approximately 3-4 in the afternoon on New Year’s Day. The grain is not present to me and the quality of the negatives were nice to work with each time. I have thought about pressing the negatives between to planes of glass to display in my house.

The next roll I shot was on the Northshore of Oahu, Haleiwa. These shots were also taken with the Lubitel 166+ and in the 12 exposure format as I had a little more confidence in the film with the camera and prefer the square format. Shot between 11 am and Noon, there is a considerable shift to blues and greens. We went to a place know as Turtle Town by some for the basking sea turtles. There are conservationists present to make sure we did not get any closer than 6 – 8 feet to the animals.

Credits: neanderthalis

I am not sure if this film would have exposure success in a Holga or even a Diana except with a tripod and some patience in Bulb mode. A Hasselblad or other camera with aperture and shutter control would be recommended.


I have not cross processed Fujichrome 50, and to be truthful, I probably never will because I enjoy the E-6 quality of this film. I would like to see the results if you try.

Fuji Velvia 50 RVP 120 is known for its precise modulation, vivid colour reproduction and excellent image quality. This is the outstanding film for nature, fashion, products, interiors, and artwork photography. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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    stunning colors of those photos!!! great job!

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