Wine Stain Art by Amelia Fais Harnas


We all like having a good drink, but to a New York-based artist, wine is good for more than just that. Take a look at some interesting and inebriated portraits painted using the intoxicating drink after the jump!

We’ve all heard about and seen portraits and paintings done using coffee, but New York-based artist, designer, and performer Amelia Fais Harnas further explores the stain painting technique by using wine. The results are nothing short of interesting and skillfully done. Take, for example, her wine stain self-portrait below:

Image via This is Colossal

How did she begin painting portraits using the intoxicating medium? Harnas, who describes herself “a portraitist at heart,” says she was “particularly intrigued by the challenge of trying to control the unpredictable nature of wine bleeding through fabric in order to channel the equally imprecise nature of a person’s character.”

This unpredictability certainly lends a hand in making each artwork unique and eye-catching, as you can see in some more of her pieces below. After working on her technique in the past few months, Harnas now has some two dozens of these impressive portraits displayed on her website.

Image via This is Colossal

Head over to Amelia Fais Harnas’ Official Website to read more about her creative process and see the rest of her wine stain portraits.

All information for this article were taken from This is Colossal and Amelia Fais Harnas' Official Website.

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