The Baby of the House is Here! Welcome the Fisheye Baby 110!

2012-06-15 2

We didn’t have to wait for the stork to come, or those long 9 months. The new baby from Lomography is here! It’s an honor for me to present the lovely Fisheye Baby 110! If you want to know more about this camera, go ahead and read on!


It’s a simple camera, compact and perfect to take it everywhere. Right under the viewer you have a B/N switch, that allows you to change the shutter mode, depending on the light conditions. In the right side you have the shutter button and in the left side you have the PC flash connector.

If you want to visualize the photo before loading the film you can attach the storage back, put the camera in “B” mode and press the shutter button, you’ll see in the little window the image up side down.


If you want to start shooting here is what you need to do. Remove the storage back and put the film transportation back in the reverse of the camera by moving the lock located in the bottom.

To load the film you have to turn right the transparent door and simply push the cartridge film, then turn back the door to secure the film in its place. I’ve used the Orca B&W 110 film

Once you’ve done that, turn the advancing wheel until it stops, you are now ready to take the first photo!

When do you know the film is over? Easy! As you don’t have a frame counter, you should count the photos yourself or just shoot away until the advancing wheel doesn’t stop. If you’re not sure the film is over you can get it off and check if you can see a frame. If so, don’t worry you’ve only lost one photo and you can load the film again.


Now you wonder, can I make multiple exposures with this baby? Sure you can! Shoot as many times as you want with out turning the advancing wheel. If you want to make a long exposure you just have to set your camera to “B” mode, and press the shutter button, just like with the regular Fisheye No. 2


“Come On Baby light my fire!” Or in this case my photos! Yes! One of the coolest thing about the Fisheye Baby Metal 110 is that you can attached a flash with the PC flash adaptor. I decided to try it with my Fritz the Blitz flash, and it worked like a charm! You can grab the flash in your hand while shooting or you can attach the Fritz the Blitz adapter to the flash and with the help of two bands you can keep the Fisheye camera in its place. Just like with the Fisheye No. 2 when you use a flash in “B” mode, it lights after you release the shutter button.


What do you think about this baby? Will you give it a try? Share your comments below!


See you soon!

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