Mimicry by Maurits Giesen & Ilse Leenders

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One of the themes for June’s requested posts is Rainbow Bright, galleries about your vivid color negative/slide photographs. Mimicry, a series by artists Maurits Giesen and Ilse Leenders, is an excellent example of the kind of visuals and storytelling we’re looking for. So take inspiration and keep those colors coming!

Photos via giesenleenders

Dutch artists Maurits Giesen and Ilse Leenders first published this series in 2004. Each frame shows the two photographers side by side in highly stylized sets, predominantly colored in primary and secondary shades, depicting an “identity crisis” in the imagery.

The inspiration of the series “Mimicry” came from the uniformity of persons. People from whom the identity is missing and those who are inconspicuous in our society. Just like animals they adapt to their environment. Visually in this series it is shown by the use of similar costumes, position and gender.

On their website, the artists add, “The authority of our work lies in the meticulous care with which we construct and ‘direct’ each shot. We acknowledge the subliminal impact of different genres, from film noir to pulp fiction and graphic novels, but create convincing scenes that invite suspension of disbelief.”

Visit Giesen Leenders for more info.

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