Old Factory


It is illegal – but that’s the thrill. Mister Flinky liked being there. He climbed up the stairs and walls and was running around like crazy. Outside you have a kind of new growing forest and Mister Flinky loved the plants.

What has been produced in there I really do not know! What I know is, that there is this old factory at the border of Sachsenhagen, surrounded by fields. First you can see the giant chimney raising up in the sky and in front of it there is this cube, the former factory. It is surely illegal to be there (I combined by the obvious signs, chains and fences telling you not to go there), but that is always the same.

Good places are expensive or illegal, and that’s reasonable: you might die in there. As it is all old and rotten you may fall through a ceiling or something can fall on your head. So enter at your own risk! You have to go over a big place and get closer to the building. The front shows broken windows, graffiti everywhere, broken glass and nature conquers the place back. Inside it is quiet empty. Some tall machines are left, ladders, walls, but that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. But is a cool place for taking portraits. This old background combined with a human in there is a good combination.

written by mephisto19 on 2009-08-19 #places #factory #old #graffitti #broken #location #rotten #lc-a-race #stage-2 #stage-two #lomo-lc-a-race #team-euro-3 #sachsenhagen #jewels-of-the-city-a-traditional-place-in-the-city


  1. hanspan
    hanspan ·


  2. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    Really, it could be dangerous, but ... what would be our lives without some danger !!!
    Congratulations !!!
    I like this places too !!!

  3. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    Abandoned places are always a go :)

  4. deeseeohecks
    deeseeohecks ·

    I know what I am doing this saturday now :)

  5. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    Yay, stephan! You're off to a good start!! I love these old abandoned places, travelling back in time, great job!! =)) Go Euro Team #3!!!!

  6. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    cool location Stephan! And exploring a forbidden place makes the shooting more exciting... and if you shoot with some models in this background there can surely be something great coming out!

  7. klickovic
    klickovic ·

    yeah, greaaat location!

  8. stouf
    stouf ·

    Sweet ! Love N°17 !

  9. ivoryocean
    ivoryocean ·

    These are great :}

  10. northwardnimbus
    northwardnimbus ·


  11. zeester
    zeester ·

    ...great location!! i have been there too ;)

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