Le petit Trianon from Floresti, Prahova

You would think that, with our great love of Disney fairy tales we would have a bit more respect for an actual, real-life, honest to God palace. But you would be wrong! Now, only the main walls and a bit of the old structure stand tall on the grounds of Floresti. It’s still majestic, still proud although it missed it’s destiny by an inch.

The Trianon from Floresti was built over a century ago (1913) by the very wealthy Grigore Gh. Cantacuzino, one of the greatest land owners in Romania, for his daughter Alice. Alice’s wish, like in all good stories, was of dreamy proportions – she wanted to have 365 bedrooms (one for each day of the year), ballrooms, salons, an amazing tens of acres garden, with aqueducts, rare essence trees, hunting and horse riding grounds and, most likely plenty of closets!

It was a time when Romania itself could dream big. Before communism, before reforms, before everything got so mundane as it is today. Unfortunately, there was no happy ending… Alice’s dream never quite got to be lived through. Daddy’s money and the money of the entire family faded away shortly after the palace almost reached completion. It was a home never lived in and neglected.

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