My Fisheye Baby 110 and Me: Bastian

2012-06-28 1

Just like the Fisheye Baby 110 Bastian enjoys travelling all around the world so it would only make perfect sense that the two make the best companions ever!

Hey Bastian!

What’s your relationship with the Fisheye Baby 110 like? Are you madly in love? Are you backpacking buddies? How would you describe it?

That cute, little baby is perfect for traveling so yes, we get along like a house on fire! It’s small, it’s handy and loading is supereasy. Plus you can go close or far without thinking about settings.

Where’s the most memorable place you’ve travelled to? What was so great about it?

That’s a tough one. I love Asian cities such as Hong Kong or Bangkok. They are just so different from European cities and they are simply amazing and mind blowing. Food, architecture, culture…it’s so diverse, full of people, loud and hectic, but peaceful at the same time.

If you had to return there with the Fisheye Baby 110, what would you photograph?

Street markets, food stands, neon signs, traffic, people, cats…

What’s your next destination? Do you already know of any spots there which would look great in a circular Fisheye shot?

I’m heading to Antwerp, Belgium next week and will definitively try to find some time to see the harbor and its massive industrial cranes.

Speaking of shots, how much film do you usually pack with you before you leaving the country?

Usually it’s roundabout 10 films for each format…

Home is where the heart is right? After lots of travelling how does it feel to be home? Is it good to slip into your slippers or would you rather be in Rio?

After having been abroad for almost 3 months, it feels good to be home and meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. On the other hand it would be great to drink cold coconut juice for breakfast or homemade Calabrese for dinner… you know, instead of a Wiener Schnitzel… ;-)

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