My Fisheye Baby 110 and Me: Michael

2012-06-14 3

For the duration of this interview we bestowed special powers upon Michael. We granted him a (not-so-) secret identity and re-baptize him as LomoMan. The Fisheye Baby Metal edition is his sidekick. Read on and discover what they where up to.

Hi Michael!

Superheroes always have some seriously cool powers, strength, or terrifically enhanced senses. What’s your special analogue ability?

You mean, apart from the ability to vanish food from in front of your eyes in a matter of seconds? I guess what comes in handy from time to time is my Birds Eye Mode which allows me to photograph objects from far above – and I don’t even have to stretch my arms!

Of course all along, your special weapon remains the Fisheye Baby Metal Edition. How does it help you when you’re out making the world a better place for everyone?

You know, as a superhero, you always have to carry ridiculous amounts of stuff with you. Do not believe all the Hollywood crap that makes you think we just stroll around in our fancy capes with no tools at all. You can’t have all the different superpowers there are at once so, of course, you need tools to do your job. The good thing about the Fisheye Baby 110 Metal is that it is so small, I don’t have to think twice if I take it with me or not. There´s always room for it. So I can make the world a better place AND have fun photographing it!

Superheroes always risk their own safety in order to protect their loved ones. Do you recall a particular incident when you had to risk it all to save your Fisheye Baby from almost certain doom?

I have to disappoint you with this one, no nerve-wrecking stories yet. I always take really good care of it – you have to set your priorities!

“With great power there must also come great responsibility”, right? How do you keep your Fisheye Baby 110 safe in your secret hiding place? Do you have an uber sophisticated alarm system? A pack of Rottweilers?

One word: Laser Sharks. Damn!! That was two.

Being LomoMan, you have the power to transform your Fisheye Baby 110 any way you want. What are you going to make it do? Talk, light up, freeze, burst into flames, multiply?

Being such a tiny camera, I think I would let it transform into the opposite: A giant camera that I can use to lock up villains. Also, this should guarantee some quite interesting shots…

Glad you didn’t make it invisible! It would have made it extra hard to find!

Yeah, especially with all the other invisible stuff I own!

You’ve rid the world of villains for a couple of hours and you can just fly yourself off to some faraway place. Where’s it gonna be? Where are you taking your irreplaceable sidekick for some unique analogue shots only LomoMan can achieve?

I always dreamt of photographing a Supernova; Or the birth of a new galaxy. I imagine that the Fisheye Baby 110 lens and the bulb mode of the camera would be the perfect tool to achieve that. Can you imagine all this beauty captured? I think I’ll fly up there right after this interview!

Spiderman just called, he said he’d like to borrow your Fisheye Baby 110 for a day. Will you let him have it?

He can take it out of my cold dead hands… I mean, sure, why not? As long as he does not cover it with some gooey spider net, its ok. PLUS: I want to see the pictures he takes. Maybe I can learn a thing or two from his work. Or laugh at it, we’ll see.

Gotta go now, sorry, my special senses tell me there´s a pizza in an oven somewhere, and it needs to be eaten. (What? Did you think superheroes just live off air? Come on!)

The Fisheye Baby 110 Cameras are fully working miniature versions of the Fisheye No. 2 designed especially to fit 110 film. They capture the world in full circle and enable you to produce perfect Fisheye pictures. The Fisheye Baby 110s come with a bulb mode and are able to capture multiple exposures too. Load them with Lomography Orca B&W 100 and dive into the long forgotten world of 110 photography! Head to the 110 Camera Microsite for more information.

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  1. corrinska
    corrinska ·

    wow, lomoman just saved my pizza! thank you so much!!!!!

  2. webo29
    webo29 ·

    @corrinska hahaha :)

  3. webo29
    webo29 ·

    @corrinska hahaha :)

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